What's the "CLOUD?"


Small Business in the Cloud...

These days, more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are jumping on the “cloud bandwagon.” And why shouldn’t they? After all, there are several advantages in doing so:
. . . speed of implementation; ability to scale business without internal tech expertise; lower costs; relief from tech headaches enabling you to concentrate on growing your business; and, arguably, fewer security issues you have to worry about. Small businesses seem to be receptive to online software.

Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS)

Reliability: We are YOUR reliable partner 
Cost: Consider “total cost of ownership”
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Integration: We evaluate the impact on existing software
Security: Security is what we are all about, including "the cloud"

I’ve heard of “the cloud” but, how it can benefit your small business? 
The talk is everywhere as small business owners evaluate this new idea as a means for saving money and eliminating regular upgrades. If you haven’t thought much about the cloud and its uses for your small business (or if you haven’t even got any idea of what we’re talking about), don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.


What is cloud computing? You’ve heard the buzz. It’s everywhere, including small business circles, the idea of eliminating the in-house management responsibilities for your company’s IT functions and of starting to run those systems “in the cloud.” But what does this all mean and what can it do for your business?

Cloud revolution threatened by government regs? While members of the small business and even consumer community are understandably wary of the security and other issues connected with storing their data remotely, with improvements by those providing the service these concerns will be overcome. The real danger? Government over-regulation. 

Small businesses seek security in the cloud. Instead of taking the chance that one of your computers in your home or office is damaged, destroyed or stolen taking all or most of your critical business information with it, many small businesses see the advantage of renting space on someone else’s server (the "cloud") and being able to access it anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.
Can you trust cloud computing for SMBs?  Cloud computing is not only safer but more “feasible” especially for small business owners with fewer resources to invest in IT.

We help small business owners with information and education. The fact is that many small business owners suggest their IT fits their needs but is not exceptional. Most small businesses seem unaware of the advantages cloud computing offers, despite the fact that it clearly divides resources that could be better focused on growing the company’s business!

Do small businesses even care? Cloud computing benefits for the small business owner are great!  They now do not need to make huge investments in technology and infrastructure to get state-of-the-art IT services. They can now keep in line with a larger competitor, taking advantage of new IT development to even the playing field.

Cloud computing can be integral for your small business. Get all of the benefits with none of the headaches. Cloud computing offers a win-win for small businesses and a way to say goodbye to upgrades, patches and fixes forever. Some cloud services, like Google docs, are offered at a minimal annual fee, and offer the freedom from making you face the ongoing task of managing everything yourself.

Where to learn more. DCS Netlink is your source for information and education for implementation of cloud computing for your business. We show you how use of “the cloud” will benefit your business in the long run. We can help you learn more about how cloud computing can benefit your small business.

Measuring costs and benefits. Even if cloud computing is an overall benefit to most businesses, companies have to devise a means of measuring those benefits adequately or of weighing the costs of cloud computing when compared to updating and maintaining existing in-house software and hardware. We help to decide whether cloud computing is right, and show you how it may help you grow your business, and get back to managing your future in tomorrow's ever-changing world of IT.  DCS is your partner in helping you decide, plan, and implement your future with the advantages of new technology!