Problem Prevention


    VIRUS, SPAM, HACKERS, Oh My!                      With DCS - NOW I know Why!

Whether you’re a network administrator, use a computer at work, or just read email, DCS can be your Trusted Partner is the war waged against your computer! Whether it is network failure, downtime or an all-out attack by today's spammers, virus infectors or hackers, WE CAN HELP KEEP YOU SAFE!!!

"In the mid-1980s two brothers in Pakistan discovered that people were pirating their software. They responded by writing the first computer virus, a program that would put a copy of itself and a copyright message on any floppy disk copies their customers made. From these simple beginnings, an entire virus counter-culture has emerged. Today new viruses sweep the planet in minutes and can corrupt data, slow networks down, or harm your reputation!"

We offer a complete range of solutions for protecting against spam and viruses, and setting up and enforcing your company email policy.

One of our preferred solutions is from Sophos, THE recognized leader in endpoint and data protection. Learn more about virus and spam, and what YOU need to know: Click Here!

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