Your DCS Team - Putting it all Together...

1. We Know Our Tools

We strive to be intimately familiar with all of the ins and outs of your company's network well before we start deploying our tools for you! These are not simple applications that you can just drop into place. Our platform touches mission-critical infrastructure, so we are trained to know the default responses to any given alert or action and all of our options.

2. We Calibrate Information Flow

Networks generate a lot of information; we help to decide early on how much information your system can handle, which information you need and which you don't. We configure your Management platform to provide the right output - too little information and you'll inevitably miss a key alert, too much information and you'll be flooded, unable to distinguish between urgent, important and trivial. We set your platform up to draw information from sources within your network and you'll get the best of both worlds.

3. We Know Networks

We train constantly and are certified to be familiar with every device your system will touch, and how it interacts with each other. Not every device plays equally well with others: Some can't manage certain devices, some require additional software, and it is especially imperative with legacy hardware or software.

4. We Identify Potential Points of Failure

Something will eventually go wrong--it always does. You can't stop it, but we can have a response ready if something goes wrong with a key element of your platform. Does your IT platform rely on a single software agent or appliance on your network? Do you require a VPN connection? Can we take you to the "Cloud"?  We identify bottlenecks and have a response plan ready to implement when one of them fails. Our contingency plan is done in advance, we ARE your plan!

5. We Design For Scalability

Our initial deployment may be flawless, but how are we going to implement global changes once you've grown from 3 to 300 devices? We can provide scalability with flexibility and features, so we can be ready when your business explodes by a factor of 10 to 100, and more- We plan for your success!

DCS also offers Sales and Management Training for your Team. Our CEO, Dane Deutsch. is a certified Bob Burg, Go-Giver Trainer as well as a certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer. We conduct training and leadership workshops, Vision Setting Seminars, as well as Mission Statement assistance, and other Team-Building opportunities. We have consulting available to give you a complete plan for your business: IT Infrastructure, Management Training, Employee Motivation, IT Planning.

We want to build more than just networks - we can build your team!